Friday, October 06, 2006

Sir Edward Clay

Vomiting on donor's shoes and all that! Great guy!


Half 'n' half said...

I soo hated that man and the accolades he got after that vomiting comment. However wrong someone maybe be, there is no need for insults they only make people defensive anyway. Hope his retirement sucks, and no one wants to play with him.

Gathara said...

The truth hurts.

StackOfStiffys said...

I loved that guy, saw him give a dose of his verbal flak to some fellow Briton at CMC who was late for a meeting by 5 min, then he drove off!

And he used to put all his complaints in writing and post it.

coldtusker said...

The truth is the truth... but Kenyans ignored the polite admonishments!

I have to say... after all that has happened since Clay's speech... it only makes his words truer!

- saitoti & kiraitu are back
- wako & ringera bandied words but no action
- safaricom & mobiteleal (the 10% kickback?)

half n half - Was Clay wrong?